Monday, 18 April 2011

Choosing a Spore-Trap

Spore-traps can help you get rid of so many spores because the filters size is tiny. They just get trapped in there. So there are few different kinds of traps, so which one is right for you? There are two basic types:

 Protect yourseldf with This one or That one? I don't know!

The bukard-kind with the revolving tape on the left or the ionic type on the right. It looks like the one on the left will point directly into a cloud of spores like a windwvane, but the one on the right sucks the spores down inside like a vaccum. Maybe a combanation of them both would work best. The Buktart one looks best.

I asked about the costs of that spore trap from Burkart Manufacturing in England today and will porbaly order it if it if isnt too much money. They say its only good for 7 more days then I think you have replace the sticky paper inside, called the Melinex tape, sort of like fly paper I guess...SUPER-STICKY!!!
If you want one just go to


Everyone at the store says I should tweeet all the latest stuff but Im only using twitter for emergencies and spore-warning levels and when I have new information on the inforamtion site. I have gotten some emails from people asking about me and different stuff and one guy who is a so-called scientist but but doesnt believe there is even any threat of danger from any spores! I told him that what about blastospores and radiation and even deadly spores that ecsape from germ-warfare plants? He doesnt believe anything and said I was
'peer-reviewed' whatever that means. Well too bad for him because of this I found at FAT KNOWLEDGE:
Brand New Fungus Spores Found in Chernobl Nuclear Factories:

Doesnt that mean anythingt to you? If you can just read the facts then everthing will become way clearer to you!

Anyway, I will soon be testing the Blastospore Advance Defenser (B.A.D) simulator that Im making with my friend Kacey but this its a lot of work.



Sporangiospores: Hundreds formed within a sac at the end of an aerial hypha (see previous post)


Friday, 8 April 2011

10 X resistant blastospores attack planktons and dolphins all around Japan

Disturbing news from our Chinese friends at Shouxi:

"A submonolayer fraction of blastospores that remained on the substratum was resistant to 10 times the amphotericin B dose that eliminated the activity of the planktonic populations."

That means the blastospores are starting to attack all the planktons all around where the Japan nuclear disaster melted down into the ocean. The hug earthquake and tsunami that is wiping out Japan has also created a disaster in the sea. Radioactive blastospores and follicles from the meltodown are pouring into the oceans around the reactor zones.

Dr. Roy Vance
Dr.Roy Vance from Blastospore Research Laboratories  said this:

"The independent roles of blastopore formation and dorsal fin mesoderm induction in dorsal axis formation of the Cyclops pyrrhogaster embryo were attempted to be clarified."

In plain talk , aquatic nuclear spores are attacking all sea life from planktin to dolpins, and nothing can be done about it right now.

The sea currents in that part of the world mostly go from left to right and the spread of these super-human bacterias will probalby reach our shores in the West in the future.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Lying Low

I have been staying very protected the last days and have moved the alert danger zone for spores and fungus mixed with radioactive dust to orange. I warned people at the store yesterday about it all. Someone told me the radioactive activity from the japapn nuclear explosions is not really very bad, but who can believe that? Can't you see the wheather is getting worse and my allergies is way worse now!
Look at this picture of sidney Australia :

This is how it works: radiation makes cells and bacteria divide and split up into many more pieces. Thats what cancer is, all these cells growing and growing. We get the cancer from the radioactive particles.
That's all. So what will happen when all the spores, fungus and germs and stuff get divided by the rediation? Yes- multiplication! More and more. Maybe the radisation dust is small for humans but huge for little spores and things, they get the cancer, and then we breath in them!

Now I find out there are more spores, but new kinds: clammydospores, oospores and zygospores. I cant[ investigate these completely right now but they are the usual bad thing. Soon I can do the researhc and see what they are, they might be the same as blastospores or just a little bit different.They are propbaly very ugly.
 When I get my camera I will take some pictures of my lab and my prtoection gear. All the research on fungus and bactersia all say they hate ALKALIS! thats like poisonj to them so I am working on a spray bottle defenser. For the alkali just use baking soda mixed up with the water. Propbaly 3 tablespoons of baking soda for 2 cups of water. I will try it out and figure out what it does.
Here are some ideas:

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

extreme solar flare+cosmic molecules+old dust+japan radiation+blastospores=VERY BAD!

I was SO sick today and tonite because of all this bad stuff. How can you have all this sun flares and cosmic particles and blastospores and then combine it with all the helium radaition from the Japanese nuclear explosions??? That's a recipe for DISASTER! I have found a diagram, or more like a little movie, and that shows how all the radiation is coming over the sea towards us. Fanny Bay will pornbly be effected sooner than anyone:


I have so much work to do, and i dont for a minute believe some of those so-called scientists who are trying to say 'no big deal, no big deal'. How can they say that? 2.75???

My biggest concern is that the blastospores that get close to the Earth when sun spots are on the rise, will get even heavier with all the radoactive waste in the sky from the ja pan disaster. Do you know how heavy radioactive helium and uranium is? Its the heaviest molecules we've known and that will drag so many more blastospores right down to sea-level. I think we will need giger-counters now along with our protection.This is very bad news.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wear protection-PLEASE!!!

I can only tell you about the special breathing protection that yout need now and I will talk about the 3 best anti-spore sprays next time because I only have a little time before we're going out. My Mom said I had to, and thats it.

So anayway if sun-stroke activity is really high then you need maximum protection, but also if it's raining because thats when many viral spores and bacteria get washed down of the upper air. You have to read my earlier blog to understand how scientist researchers can discover viral bacterias in the cosmic dust.

<--- Here is what I think you can use on a EASY day. It has its own little fresh air supply free of spores and you can just gulp some when you need to. I guess yous have to squeeze the sack  and in goes the air.

I haven't tried it but it looks promising. But if there is way more virus and bactera then you have to get something like this that stops way more stuff:

The blastospore container sack can filter out all the bad stuff. These are expspensive but they WORK!
I have to go now my  Mom will have  freaky if she thinks I'm on the computer again, lucky she doesnt like to come down the stairs.